About Us


We deal with businesses nationwide to allow them the opportunity to understand Government Contracting and Federal Government Contracting for what it is:  A money making opportunity.  A simple fact is the US Government operates as a business to run the country, yet there are too few smaller businesses that take advantage of these opportunities.

The Government Spends an Astonishing Amount of money daily, are you getting any of that?

The most exciting thing about taking on Government Contracts is that the Government continues to spend money because they have to.  The US Government operates on the use it or lose it budget spend, so if they do not spend all of the money in their budget by the end of their fiscal year they lose it for the next year allocations that are given.

We help you make money without the hassle

We are the leader in this industry because we have a proven method and strategic approach that we uniquely apply to every client individually.    Our job is to facilitate this process and allow you, our client to focus on your core competency not the hoops and hurdles that are necessary to get Government Contracts.  Let us focus on the compliances, regulations , proper protocols you focus on what you do best.