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To be successful in Government Contracting you need to assess the market.  Whether your company provides, product(s), and/or service(s), you must determine what demand exists, if any. A Federal Government Contracting Profitability Assessment, which Symon and Pearse Management provides, will include information about how much money the government spends in your industry, which agencies are buying, and currently open or recently awarded contracts. The General Services Administration looks at socioeconomic factors that can make your business stand out is also important. Symon and Pearse Management also can qualify you for specific set-aside contracts, which the government makes available to specific types of businesses based on several socioeconomic factors. We have direct access to data Systems that provide information you may find helpful as you begin contracting with the government.

Our Team

Our team has over 35 years collectively of Government Contracting Experience.  We offer a wealth of knowledge and proper consultative action to help our clients engage in profitable contracts and contract management.

Why do I want to do business with the Government?

Most businesses across America have toyed with the idea of taking on Government Contracts.  Many of those same businesses have failed or never were able to complete the process they set out to accomplish.  The 

U.S. Government is not an easy entity to take on as a client.  It almost seems that they make the navigation into the hoards of documents you must supply and compliance's you must meet purposely impossible as to deter those without a strong business acumen.  We at Symon & Pearse Management Consultants handle all of the nuances to get you where you need to be and provide the ability for your company to take on a Governmental Division competently.


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